Salisbury By Honeywell: E114B Lineman's Gloves

Salisbury By Honeywell: E114B Lineman's Gloves
Product Description
Salisbury By Honeywell: E114B - Lineman's Gloves.
ASTM Class 1 - Working Voltage 7500 V
Salisbury rubber insulating gloves are manufactured by dipping
porcelain forms into a tank of liquefied rubber. The thin layer of
rubber which results is allowed to dry and the process is repeated
until the required thickness is reached. Depending on the voltage
class of the glove, this dipping-drying-dipping cycle may need to be
repeated over 30 times. After the desired thickness is achieved, the
gloves are allowed to dry. Once dry, they are cut to length, the
reinforcing bead is rolled, and the ASTM label and manufacturing
information is applied along with any additional permanent marking
that may be requested.
The gloves are cured in an autoclave under steam
pressure and heat. After curing, the gloves are visually inspected.
Gloves with visual imperfections are rejected. The gloves are then
given a halogenation treatment (chlorination) to increase the comfort
and wearability.
The gloves meet or exceed ASTM D120 and IEC EN60903
Size : 8 to 12
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