North By Honeywell Make : SSG Silver Shield

North By Honeywell Make : SSG Silver Shield

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North By Honeywell Make : SSG Silver Shield

( Over 280 Chemical Resistance Hand Gloves )


  • Resistant to over 280 different chemicals, including  aliphatics, aromatics, chlorines, ketones and esters – Provides high performance protection in the most demanding applications.
  • Economical - Can be used as a disposable glove, without the need for cleaning and re-cycling.
  • Does not contain latex or chemical accelerators – Little chance of allergic reactions.
  • Ambidextrous design – Ideal for single glove use. Also, one glove can be discarded if necessary without wasting a pair.
  • Can be used as a secondary inner glove - Allows worker maximum protection in heavy duty jobs where the dangers of mechanical damage to gloves are high.


  • Aerospace, chemical processing and transporting, domestic preparedness, Haz-Mat work, petrochemical 
  • Materials: seamless Nylon liner with foam Nitrile coating.
  • Standards: EN420.2003, EN374.2003
  • CE category : Complex Design