Honeywell  : NF 35 Oil Grip Hand Gloves

Honeywell : NF 35 Oil Grip Hand Gloves

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Honeywell  : NF 35 Oil Grip Hand Gloves 

Comfort: A high level of comfort and dexterity is guaranteed due to the seamless and soft liner made of 13 gauge nylon.

Fit: 5 sizes, 7-11 guarantee a perfect fit for all hands


Excellent handling properties due to the thin liner, soft coating and excellent fit.

Work efficiency:

Due to less grip pressure needed, workers can perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively


All kind of assembly work in light oily environments plus handling wet and slippery objects, e.g. Automotive /OEM Assembly and Maintenance work, light oily metal handling, Scaffolding, oil industry,

Sizes: 7S, 8M, 9L, 10XL, 11XXL

Approval : EN 388 - 3121