Honeywell : 1017751 : Duramaxx

Honeywell : 1017751 : Duramaxx

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Honeywell : 1017751 : Duramaxx

DuraMaxx™ stands out due to its modern design and its leading edge lens coating. Now DuraMaxx™ facilitates and encourages the wearing of safety goggles in the workplace.


  • Available exclusively with Dura-streme

®technology offers Fogban (N) protection on the inside of the lens and an anti-scratch (K) coat on the outside for extra resistance to scratches and chemical products, plus increased longevity.In situations where physical effort is an essential part of your work, or where heat, humidity, mist, sand, dust and chemical products are environmental factors, Dura-streme® technology provides the protection that you need

Technical :

  • Eyewear Type : Goggles
  • Shade Lens Color : Clear
  • Lens Coating : Dura-streme
  • Replacement Lens : 1028135
  • Type : DuraMaxx
  • Frame Color : Blue/Gray
  • Frame Material : PP/TPE
  • Headband Clip : Headband – Neoprene
  • Approval : EN166.1.BTKN