Honeywell : 1011264 - Clarity C3 Helmet Ear Muff

Honeywell : 1011264 - Clarity C3 Helmet Ear Muff

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Honeywell : 1011264 - Clarity C3 Helmet Ear Muff

Advanced sound processing technology for enhanced communication in the workplace.

  • Blocks noise but helps you to hear the people around you, as well as alarms and other warning signals.
  • Does not isolate the user from the environment, but offers increased safety particularly in sensitive environments.
  • Dielectric construction suitable for all workplaces, especially electrical environments.
  • Uniform headband pressure for all head sizes, providing better comfort for long-term wear.
  • Ventilated inner headband minimizes pressure on the head and guarantees increased breathability in warm/humid climates.
  • Non-deforming outer headband withstands rough treatment in the toughest workplaces.
  • Quick-click height adjustment remains fixed during wear.
  • Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy.
  • Ear cups snap in place during use and swing back when not in use.
  • Ear cups work with a wide range of hard hats.
  • Pair of 3711, 3712 & 3721 adapters included.

Technical :

  • Earmuff Construction : Dielectric
  • Other Material : POM, LDPE, PC/PBT, PP, PUR-E, PVC
  • Dielectric : Yes
  • Color : Black and Metallic Blue
  • Weight (grs) : 280
  • Headband Style : Helmet – Mounted
  • SNR : 30


Approval : EN 352-3 : 2002