Honeywell: 1006193 - V-MAXX Indirect Ventilation,

Honeywell: 1006193 - V-MAXX Indirect Ventilation,

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Honeywell: 1006194 - V-MAXX Indirect Ventilation, PC FogBan Lens, Neoprene Headband Goggle. 

  • A sporty style goggle.
  • Can be used with most prescription glasses and /or most respirator half masks. Indirect ventilation and anti-splash system.
  • Pivoting headband clips to adjust around hard hats or hearing protection.
  • Fits a wide variety of workers.
  • Sleek wrap-around style with a 180 degree field of vision.

Feature :

A sporty style for increased wearer acceptance 180° field of vision for distortion free peripheral

vision. Rotating strap attachments. Passes impact grade B for medium energy and also meets certification for molten metal.

Benefit : -

It fits a wide variety of workers and can be worn over prescription eyewear and with half-mask

respirators. The strap attachment system provides easier use with hard hats.

Feature :-

Neoprene strap for use in chemical industry 

Feature : -

Special concept of indirect ventilation

Benefit :

It is compliant with splash-resistance test

Technical Description:

  • Eyewear Type : Goggles
  • Shade Len Color :- Clear
  • Lens Coating :- Anti Fog + Anti Scratch
  • Headband Clip : Neoprene strap
  • Body :Indirect Ventilation
  • Dielectric :No
  • Approval : EN166.1.B.349