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Shah Sales Corporation is a prime Distributor, Exporter, Trader, Supplier and Wholesaler of optimum quality range of Safety Products, Personal Protective Equipment, Helmets, Eye Wears, Hearing Protection, etc. Moreover, we also provide quality solutions of maintenance, improvement and modification services for pumping machinery as well as other related systems, waste water handling and solid waste equipment, material handling equipment. We also offer plant commissioning and erection services. We source highly durable and efficient range to fulfill the demands of Public Health Engineering Department, Irrigation, Power Generation, Municipal Corporation, Agriculture and other industries.

Our Products 

Industrial Safety Products

Fire Fighting Equipment

General Safety Products

Gas Detector and Sorbent Equipment

Wrap Seals Equipment

Industrial Safety Shoes

Personal Protective Equipment

Body Protection Equipment

Respiratory Protection Equipment

Eye Safety Equipment

Fall Safety Equipment

Hand Gloves

Head Safety Equipment

Ear Protection Equipment


Hepro SD Helmet

UG SH-4002

UG SH-4001

Hepro SD-R Helmet

Safety Helmet

Eye Wears

1621 Safety Goggle Splash Proof

F Safety Goggle Splash Proof

OX 2000

1710 IN Protective Eye Wear, Black with Clear Lens

Nassau Rave


Protective Eye Wear, 11329

Virtua Sport

Light Vision

Virtua IN

Safety Goggle Splash Proof

1611 Visitor Spectacles

Virtua Plus

Protective Eye Wear

QX Eye Wear

Virtua Plus Protective Eye Wear

Virtua In Protective Eye Wear

Hearing Protection

Disposable Foam Ear Plugs 1110

H9A Earmuffs

H10A Earmuffs

Corded Disposable Ear Plugs1130

95 Series Earmuffs

PTL Push-to-Listen Earmuffs

E-A-R Metal Detectable Corded

H7A Earmuffs

1436 Earmuffs

Ear Plugs Reusable Corded 1270/1271

Disposable Respirators

Particulate Respirator 8246, R95

9004G Dust/Mist Respirator

Reusable Respirators

6800 Full Facepiece Respirator

5N11 N95 Respirator Filters

6002 (Acid Gas Cartridge)

6200 Half Facepiece Respirator

502 Filter Adapter

3M 6004 (Ammonia Methylamine Cartridge)

7800S Full Face Piece Respirator

7093 P100 Respirator Filter

3M 6006 (Multigas Cartridge)

6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge

2091 P100 Filter

Other Safety Products

Airvent Blower

Rechargeable Safety Emergency Light

Safety Net (With Fishnet)

Safety Net (Without Fishnet)

Wind Shock

Hand Operated Siren (0.5 & 1.5 Km)

Road Safety

Imported Indoor Polycarbonate Convex Mirror

Safety Fence

PVC Barriers (Red)

Imported Outdoor Polycarbonate Convex Mirror

Speed Bump/ Road Hump 5Trapesium

Barricading Tape

Reflective Jacket

Traffic Cone


Face Protection

Ao Tuffmaster

Universal Headgear

Face Shield With Ratchet Head Band(Economy)

Lumberjack Systems

Total Performance


BS01 Safe Ball Valve Lockouts

Lockout LSE-105

Ms86 Metal Lockout HASP

BS04 Universal Lockout For Butterfly Valves

VS04R Lock & Protect Your Valves

ELA235/3 - Lockout Tags Maintenance

CB 03 Single Pole Circuit Breaker Lockouts

LP110 - E - Safe Electrical Plug Lockouts

LK109FE Valve Lockout/Tagout Kit

CB 04 Double Pole Circuit Breaker Lockouts

MS01 - M - Safe - Totally Dielectric Lockout



LK108FE Electrical Lockout / Tagout Kit


CBU01 Universal Circuit Breaker

Body Suits

Protective Coverall Features 4520

Chemguard Suit


Protective Coverall Features 4560

Chemax Coverall

Spacel 3000 & 4000

Hand Protection

Dexi Task

T1119FLC Neoprene Hand Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Sensi Task

PNLB1815 Natural Rubber Gloves

T224FLC Neoprene Over Late


Basic Gloves

52/7406 Grip And Kevlar Hot Mill

R50X Red Coat Plus

North Flex NF 15 ESD Anti- Static Gloves

STR 100l Strongotherm

840FWG Trawler King

B174 R-Butyl Hand Gloves

STR 105H Strongo therm


NFF 13 C Nitri Task

STR 2235L Strongotherm

NF 13 Nitri Task

NFD35X - Oil Grip

1590 GI-Welders Gloves

NFF 13 Northflex Nitri Task Foam

NFDS 16 North Flex

SK142W/HEM - SK Clean Room Nitrile Gloves

PU Coated Nylon Gloves

NF 35 Oil Grip Hand Gloves

NFD 15

NFK 14 Duro

LA 132 G Nitri Guard Plus Nitrile Gloves

Riot Control

Safety Helmet For Riot Protection

Aluminum Alloy Antiriot Shield

Polycarbonate Shield

Bullet Proof Vest

Riot Baton

Disaster Management

Rescue Line Throwers Apparatus

Diamond Chain Saw Cutter

Rescue Cushion

Rescue Inflatable Boat


Maintenance Sorbent Pads

Chemical Sorbent Roll

Chemical Sorbent Boom

Petroleum Sorbent Sweep

Safety Showers

Emergency Safety Showers

Hand Mounted Eye Wash Shower

Eye & Face Wash Fountain

Eye Wash Fountain

Eye & Face Wash Shower

Welding Shields

Welding Shield PS 100

Speedglass Flex View Welding

Speedglass 9000 Welding Shield

Fresh-Air C (Compressed Air)Respiratory System

Speedglass Pro Top Welding Shield

Speedglass 9002X Welding Filter

Adflo (Papr) Powered Respiratory Solution For Welding

Speedglass 9002D Welding Filter

Powered Air Purifying(PAPR)Turbo Assembly, Respiratory

Foot Protection



Gum Boot


Mont Black Shoe



Safety Shoes

Kings Kd 600x Safety Shoes By Honeywell



Liger L


Liger H


Electrical Safety

SKA1010 Calcm2 - Head And Face Protection

ACCA8BL Coverall

ASTM Class 1 Working Voltage 7500 V

SKCA8 Arc Flash Protection

FH31RB Safety Products

ASTM Class 2 Working Voltage 16000 V

SKJP8 Arc Flash Protection Jacket - Pant Kit 8 Cal/cm2

SK31 Arc Flash Protection Kits

ASTM Class 3 Working Voltage 26500 V

SK20 Arc Flash Protection kit

4010 FRP Clampstick

ASTM Class 4 Working Voltage 36000 V

SK40 Arc Flash Protection kit

4214 Universal Switch Stick

ILPG10/9 - Leather Protector

SK55 Arc Flash Protection kit 55

Di - Electric Over Shoes

Arc Flash Protection Coverall 11 Cal/cm2

SK75 Arc Flash Protection kit 75

Arc Flash Gloves

Static Discharge Stick

SK100 Arc Flash Protection kit 100

Electrical Hard Hat

Rescue Hook

4556 Voltage Detector

Electrician Insulated Tool Kit

Full Cut Over Shoes

Fire Suits

Fire Proximity Suit

Flame Resistant Coveralls

Fire Fighter Suit

Flame Retardant Garments

Fall Protection

FBH A-1027

FBH A-1022


FBH ELA-1074

FBH A-1023



FBH A-1024

FBH A-1021

FBH A-1021ABp

Combo A-1044


FBH PP-1015

Combo -1094

Combo A-1041

FBH PP-1016


Combo A-1042

FBH PP-1017


Combo A-1043

Work Positioning Belt

Sit Harness SH-1051

FBH PP-1018

Rope Lanyards RL-2006

Rescue Harness

FBH PP-1019

Webbing Lanyards

Horizontal Lifeline - Hl-5001

Fall Arresters RGFA-A20


PC 1005

Fall Arresters RGFA-B20


DSC 901

Fall Arresters RGFA-C20


ASC L 329

Safety Net - UGPL-SN-1001


Ascender (Right Hand)


Tripod - TPD-143

Stretcher -STR-4001

Fire Safety

Hose Type-A-15

Super Jet Water Monitor

Inline Inductor


Spray Nozzle

Two Way Fire Brigade Connection

Hose Reel-ISI

Foam Making Branch Pipe - FB 10X

Three Way Fire Brigade

Hose Box-Double

Fireman Axe

Four Way Fire Brigade Connection k

Fire Hydrant Valve (Oblique type,Landing valve)

Triple Purpose Branch

Draw Out Connection

Short Branch Nozzle

Hand Control Nozzle

Pendent Type Automatic Sprinkler UL Listed


Fog Nozzle

Upright Type Automatic Sprinkler UL Listed

Water Cum Foam Monitor

Jumbo Curtain Nozzle

Concealed Type Automatic Sprinkler UL Listed

Mechanical Foam Mobile Unit

Foam Making Branch Pipe - FB5X

Flame Proof & Intrinsically Safe Equipment

Flame Proof Camera

Nature of Business

Distributor, Exporter, Trader, Supplier and Wholesaler

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Bank of India







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23820800880 C

Value Added Tax Registration No.

23820800880 V

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Office No-121, Shastri Market, Maharani Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452007, India
Phone :+918068091433